Artist Statement


I view my studio as a laboratory where I develop innovative processes to explore paint as a sculptural material. My work pushes the boundaries and possibilities of painting by navigating the realms between the two- and three-dimensional. Paint protrudes off surfaces, appearing to ooze or flow as it makes its departure from the two-dimensional picture plane. While my work embodies a sense of the otherworldly, I am interested in how the heightened physicality of the paint may generate corporeal resonance, and elicit desire or longing.


My explorations of sculptural painting began as wall-based works and have naturally evolved to include large scale installations. These installations strike a dialogue between hyperphysical paint forms and expanses of gold leaf in which I am painting with light and fields of reflected color. There exists a deliberate intersection between the ethereal and fugitive medium of light and the materially tethered nature of paint.


My goal is to create experiences that enhance the viewer’s awareness of being physically present while also feeling fully connected to the world around them.

© 2019 Darcie Book

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